10 Basic Steps to Repair Rusted Metal

Hot rod rust repair

Tips and pics by: Alex & Will - Van Tele Collision

The procedures involved in the repair of a rusted classic car door are illustrated by the following step-by-step photos. This feature is essential if you have never tackled rust repair previously, You can then make a educated decision whether to tackle the job yourself or pay someone to repair the rust.

1. This door had pin holes on front edge only

Basic metal rust repair - Step 1

2. Cut beyond rusted metal

3. Treat door frame with rust preventative

Basic metal rust repair - Step 2-3

4. Fabricated metal patch

Basic metal rust repair - Step 4

5. Weld solid

Basic metal rust repair - Step 5

6. Grind welds

Basic metal rust repair - Step 6

7. Apply lead or plastic filler

Basic metal rust repair - Step 7

8. Grind and file

Basic metal rust repair - Step 8

9. Prep metal, apply primer

10. Treat inside of door with runt preventive

Basic metal rust repair - Step 9-10

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